Experts in Process Improvement, Inventory Management and MRO


Reduce Purchasing Costs

According to a CAPS study, the average cost to cut a Purchase Order is $217. Machinery Tooling & Supply automates purchasing for all frequently used items and consolidates billing to once a month. Reducing the number of transactions and streamlining the processes considerably lowers your operational costs.

Address Inventory Spikes

Inventory levels and usage are monitored remotely, with alerts sent immediately upon critical item's usage. Tracking this information helps address and correct issues such as bad material, operator error or hoarding.

Recycle Burn Inventory

When finished with an insert but there is one or more unused edges remaining, Machinery Tooling & Supply has an effective system for returning it as Burn Inventory. The used item will be the first to be issued the next time it is needed, and the software will recognize that it has already been paid for, allowing you to maximize your investment.

Prevent Dead Inventory

It is imperative you know which items are not being used as dead inventory can be costly. Machinery Tooling & Supply has developed a successful quarterly process for our customers to closely monitor inactivity and determine the best solution for those items.

Minimize the Risk for Error

Operators can scan a barcode on their job sheet that links to all the tools they need for the job. Each tool location is labeled with the Tool Identification Number, barcode and picture of the item, minimizing the risk for error.

Reporting Options

  • Employee
  • Job
  • Machine
  • Part
  • Cell
  • Item
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Collection