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  • LPS - General Purpose Lubricants
  • New Pig Sorbents - Absorbent Mats and Socks, Oil Spill Booms and Specialty Sorbent Products
  • Reven - High Performance Oil Mist Separators
  • SmartSkim - Coolant Recycling, Coolant Filtration for Metalworking Coolants and Cleaners
  • Sorbent Products - Tramp Oil Removal
  • Tapmatic - Tapping Fluids

REVEN®MT&S is proud to be the United States representative for the REVEN® line of air filtration equipment. Based on decades of experience in the field of air cleaning, REVEN® has developed the mechanical X-CYCLONE® separating system. Air polluting substances such as oils, emulsions, steam, process waste gas and fine dust are separated reliably and efficiently from the exhaust air. The system is purely mechanical and works without auxiliary energy. It is easy to clean and maintenance costs are much lower than conventional air cleaners.

The X-CYCLONE® system from REVEN® will help keep your CNC equipment running at peak performance while keeping your shop cleaner, healthier and more profitable. For more information on the exciting product lines from REVEN®, please contact Andy Anderson by phone at (262) 790 6080 or by email at